Hokianga Health Enterprise Trust (2014 - 2016)

Project Aim: To work in partnership with HHET and the Institute for Environmental Science and Research (ESR) in working with Hokianga hapū to complete an outcome evaluation of hapū engagement with the Drinking Water Assistance Programme (DWAP), undertake sustainability planning, and to share hapū experience with other communities in New Zealand. Services Include: (1.) ‘training the trainers’ in capturing stories of change (drawing from a robust evaluation methodology, combined with ‘participatory video’ processes to capture outcomes on video), and in editing and sharing those stories of change; (2.) contributing to workshop design and facilitation; and (3.) contributing to the analysis of data and reporting, including a video guide detailing evaluation and sustainability related findings.

Massey University (2013 - 2014)

Project Aim: As part of a Massey University contract, to use Q-Methodology in interviewing 20 families in Christchurch (two people from each household) and in completing six focus groups with high school students. Data will inform a nationwide study about demographic and economic change. Services Included: participant recruitment, interviews with 20 households - Q-sort, followed by and qualitative interviews, facilitation of six focus groups at a Christchurch high school, and data management.

DairyNZ (2014)

Project Aim: To work with multiple stakeholders in developing a Theory of Change for a farm-based people management programme. Services Included: design and delivery of a presentation at national forum, interviews with key stakeholders, workshop design and facilitation, and analysis and reporting.

Selwyn District Council (2013)

Project Aim: To support the Selwyn Central Community Care Organisation (SCCC) in its strategic planning drawing from systems thinking approaches. Services Included: interviewing the SCCC Board and volunteers, workshop design and facilitation, and write up of workshop notes including workshop processes and outputs for SCCC’s future use.

Aviva Family Violence Services (2013)

Project Aim: Social Foci was tasked with videoing and editing footage of key speakers at the Christchurch Womens Refuges 40th Anniversary Event (Brand change event - renamed Aviva) and providing the organisation with archive footage for storage, and interview footage for its social media sites. See the video stories at -

The Selwyn Parenting Network Incorporated (2012 - 2013)

Project Aim: To work collaboratively with the Selwyn Parenting Network Incorporated (the SPN) in developing a Five Year Strategic Plan, in a way that the SPN can follow the project processes in the future without Social Foci’s support. Services Included: (1.) project management; (2.) undertaking a Selwyn District Needs Assessment to identify gaps in services for parents/caregivers, enablers and barriers to access, and inhibitors and enablers for effective collaboration amongst organisations. The Needs Assessment methods included a survey for organisations offering services to parents in the Selwyn, a demographic analysis (e.g. family type/make-up in the Selwyn District/future trends); (3.) interviews with community parenting experts; (4.) completing a survey with service users to identify service improvements and outcomes; (5.) designing and facilitating capacity assessment and strategic planning workshops; (6.) completing two reports - Selwyn District Needs Assessment and Survey of parents/caregivers; (7.) completing a guide for the SPN to use for its annual capacity assessments and strategic planning; and (8.) completing a Five Year Strategic Plan July 2013 – June 2018 and Action Plan (July 2013 – June 2014).

Project Lyttelton (2010 - 2012)

Project Aim: To work collaboratively with Project Lyttelton in developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, and in building their evaluation capacity by supporting Board Members and staff to evaluate six of their community projects (in design, fieldwork, analysis, and reporting). Services Included: (1.) project management; (2.) completing a document review and analysis; (3.) completing interviews with community organisations and a Key Findings Report; (4.) designing and facilitating workshops (e.g. logic modelling and methods workshops); (5.) completing a Strategic Monitoring and Evaluation Framework Report; (6.) completing six Evaluation Plans with fieldwork documents attached (e.g. surveys); (7.) supporting Project Lyttelton to complete evaluations of six projects and to write six Evaluation Reports; and (8.) supporting Project Lyttelton to complete an Organisational Capacity Assessment.

The Council of Social Services in Christchurch (COSS) (2012)

Project Aim: To work collaboratively with CCOSS, using a systems thinking approach, in identifying areas of its organisational capacity (e.g. governance, funding, marketing, and human resources) that are working well (need to be maintained), and capacity challenges that need to be addressed (and how) in 2012. Services included: project management, designing and facilitating a capacity workshop, developing a Workshop Report, which detailed workshop activities and outputs, so the COSS could include findings at the organisation’s 2012 strategic planning day, and repeat the process in future years.

University of Canterbury (2010)

Project aim: To work collaboratively with the University of Canterbury’s Sustainability Office in developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for UCSO, and in evaluating outcomes of the Eco-My-Flat student project, using participatory video techniques (Access online - Services Included: project management, completing a document review and analysis, designing and facilitating workshops (i.e. logic modelling, methods, and SWOT analysis workshops), completing a Strategic Monitoring and Evaluation Plan Report, and completing an outcomes evaluation of Eco-My-Flat. The evaluation included supporting students’ to video “stories of change” for them as a result of their participation, designing and facilitating meetings with UCSO and students’ for story selection, completion of an edited DVD with stories of most significant change, and completion of an Eco-My-Flat Outcomes Evaluation Report.

New Brighton Water Festival Steering Committee (2010)

Project Aim: To complete a 7-10 minute DVD of the New Brighton Water Festival on Waitangi Day to inform people about the Water Festival and to encourage their future participation in water preservation activities – see

CLIENT: The Council of Social Services in Christchurch (COSS) (2009 -2011)

Project Aim: To work collaboratively with COSS to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to guide how they monitor and evaluate their organisational capacity to deliver or perform key functions (e.g. governance and service delivery), the effectiveness and efficiency of their service delivery, and outcomes for service users. In addition, to design, administer and report findings from an annual survey for CCOSS members and other key stakeholders. Services Included: (1.) project management; (2.) completing a document review and analysis; (3.) designing and facilitating workshops (e.g. logic modelling, and methods); (4.) completing a Logic Model Report; (5.) completing a Strategic Monitoring and Evaluation Framework Report; (5.) Co-Facilitating a workshop focusing on aspects of the project at the New Zealand Council of Social Services, Coming of Age Reaching Sustainability Conference in Dunedin (17-19 November 2010); and (6.) designing an annual survey for members and key stakeholders, supporting survey administration, and completing a Key findings Report.

Floyd’s Creative Arts Centre (2009)

Project Aim: To work collaboratively with Floyd’s Creative Arts Centre to develop a Strategic Outcomes Framework to implement Floyd’s current Business Plan and recommendations from funders regarding Floyd’s operations. Services Included: (1.) project management; (2.) facilitating meetings with Floyd’s; (3.) completing interviews with social sector organisations that refer clients to Floyd’s regarding benefits for clients and any improvements to services and writing a Key Findings Report; (4.) Writing a Draft Strategic Outcomes Report, and Action Plan (as an Appendix to the Final Report).

CLIENT: EcoEng Limited (2009)

Project Aim: To identify end-users perspectives of the benefits of on-site wastewater systems for them, and improvements that could be made regarding sector activities such as regulatory processes, and the design, implementation, and sustainability of wastewater systems. Services Included: developing interview guides for interviews with end-users of wastewater systems in Canterbury, interviewing end-users, analysing information, and writing an independent report, Perspectives from end users of domestic onsite wastewater systems in Canterbury, New Zealand (Social Foci, 2009). In addition, co-writing a final academic paper, Domestic On-site Wastewater: Real Needs and Relative Risks (Dakers, Clark, and Morrison, 2009). This paper was presented at Water New Zealand’s annual conference and expo From Fragmentation to Efficiency in September 2009.